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McKean County PA ArcGIS Online

McKean County PA ArcGIS Online

McKean County PA ArcGIS Online

McKean County Pennsylvania

McKean County Pennsylvania is a 6th class (population between 45,000 & 89,999, as per the 2010 Census) county in Northwestern Rural PA, on the southern border of New York State. There are 22 Municipalities in McKean - 1 Third Class City, 6 Boroughs, & 15 Second Class Townships. McKean is comprised of approx. 985 square miles, and is the 11th largest county in PA by area. McKean is the 51st most populous county in PA out of 67. McKean is one of 4 counties in northwestern PA that is home to the Allegheny National Forest (ANF), the only national forest in PA. Major industries in McKean include Oil & Gas, Timber & Silviculture, Powdered Metals, Oil byproducts - most notably wax, & Glass manufacturing. Historic industries in McKean include, Oil & Gas, Lumber, Chemicals, Bricks, & Glass. McKean is home to one state park, Kinzua Bridge State Park - which was at one time, the tallest viaduct in the world. McKean county has plenty of tourism opportunities, for more information, click here.

McKean County GIS Staff:

Roberta Faes - Assessment Office & Tax Claim Bureau
Assessment Tax Mapper
814-887-5571 x 4232

Gerard Rettger - Department of Emergency Services
Emergency Management Deputy Director
814-887-5070 x 7

Sean McLaughlin - GIS Office: McKean County Planning Commission
GIS Coordinator